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News Blast for the Week: 13/04 / 18th of April 2015

This week’s been pretty full-on with announcements, revelations and even redactions. And that’s not even taking into account the redesign of this very site - why such a grand reveal wasn’t front page news across every UK publication, we’ll never know - but in any case there’s still been plenty to chew on. The Kojima vs Konami confusion continues, there was a new Call of Duty announced for this year (who saw that coming?), and yet another stale fart from the arsehole of Destiny was unleashed, by which I of course mean Bungie have unveiled their latest DLC, entitled House of Wolves.

Was else has happened aside from all these monumental headlines you ask, well we’ve got you covered don’t worry. Here’s a quick round-up of gaming news goodness for you this week:

Most recently creative director of Ubisoft RPG Child of Light, Patrick Plourde, revealed via Twitter that the studio is working on a potential sequel, stating; “Fans of Child of Light: There are very cool projects in process set in the Child of Light universe. More News soon. Stay tuned!”

Considering the positive reception the game garnered upon its release last year it’s no doubt news that more than a few people may be keen to keep an eye on. As of yet however, Ubisoft have yet to make any official announcement.

Elsewhere, in news that may irk fans of the series, it was announced that Activision rhythm-action series Guitar Hero’s return, looks set to be hampered by the lack of compatibility not only with pre-existing peripherals, but also with any digital content purchased for previous iterations in the series. According to developer, Freestyle Games, this decision is in-part down to the new design of the guitar controller that makes backward compatibility unlikely. Speaking to Eurogamer, Freestyle’s creative director Jamie Jackson said; “There are not many other games that let you use stuff you bought back then in their games now. The difference with this is, it's completely different gameplay. So, quite simply, the DLC you bought just won't work. The guitar is different. The way we've presented it is different.”

This is in stark contrast it seems to rival series Rock Band, which after having its fourth iteration announced for this year as well, has stated its desire to integrate songs purchased in previous games, as well as the hardware that accompanied the series. Despite this, ardent Guitar Hero fans may still be pleased to hear how the franchise re-launch will differ from the series’ previous annual model. “It's not our intention to put another disc out next year. And the same with the guitar. This guitar is the one we want to have for a long time” Jackson added.

Meanwhile PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne, from developer From Software recently announced sales of over one million units during the game’s first two weeks of sale. This was then swiftly followed up with further details on the latest patch to the series v1.03. Said to reduce the game’s excessive loading times and fix numerous smaller bugs, as of yet there’s no exact date for its release.

Finally the much delayed Project Cars, the new racing simulator from Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco, has had its list of technical details confirmed. Announced via the developer’s website you can find in-depth details at their website by following the link here. But should you just wish for a quick rundown here’s a list of some of the more pertinent details:

PC minimum spec:
CPU: 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400, 3.0 GHz AMD Phenom II X4 940
Graphics: nVidia GTX 260, ATI Radeon HD 5770
Memory: 4Gb RAM, 1Gb VRAM

PC recommended spec:
CPU: 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 3700, 4.0 GHz AMD FX-8350
Graphics: nVidia GT600 series, AMD Radeon HD7000 series
Memory: 8Gb RAM, 2Gb VRAM

PlayStation 4 versions are given at running in 1080p at 60fps. With Xbox One versions limited to 900p, but again 60fps. As for the Wii U version, details are still to be announced ahead of the game’s release in mid-May.

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