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News Blast for the Week: 01/06 / 5th of June 2015

Well we’ve just entered June and with that comes the inevitable E3 build up, but this year more than a few studios have opted to unveil their upcoming games before the event itself. Some of these have taken the form of mysterious campaigns hinting at the forthcoming announcement, others have opted for the more traditional countdown clock, and of course there’s always one or two that have been revealed via leaks to various publications. So it seems this week we’re all about the announcements, if you missed any then here’s our weekly round-up to keep you in the loop.
On Monday the culmination of 2K and Firaxis games viral marketing campaign reached a head when fictitious website ‘Advent’ had its cypher cracked by fans to reveal the phrase “Vigilo Confido”, the official X-Com motto. This revelation all but confirmed the arrival of X-Com 2 for series fans, and was followed the next day by the official announcement trailer and details on the upcoming game. Apparently having been in development since the launch of X-Com: Enemy Unknown in 2012, X-Com 2 creative director Jake Solomon disclosed a hefty amount of details for fans to pour over, a list of which we’ve compiled for you below.
X-Com 2:

  • Set twenty years after the original game in a future where X-Com failed to prevent the alien invasion, with X-Com forces now functioning as a guerrilla resistance.

  • Combat will focus more heavily on stealth to tie-in to this setting, with players now able to set up ambushes and waypoint soldier movement.

  • The four original classes have evolved with sharpshooters replacing snipers and functioning as either snipers or pistol experts, rangers replacing the assault class and now featuring melee weapons, launcher equipped grenadiers replacing rocketeers, and drone utilising specialists replacing the support class. There has also been a fifth class teased, but not yet revealed.

  • Squad sizes will once again consist of between four and six soldiers.

  • The Meld substance from expansion Enemy Within has been replaced by an enemy drop and loot mechanic that incentivises players to pick up fallen enemy equipment before it expires.

  • Players will also be able to call and set extraction points, as well as carry wounded or dead soldiers to said extraction.

  • Maps are now procedurally generated to allow for greater replayability.

  • A significant increase in soldier customisation has also been confirmed.

  • Sadly, at the moment the game is currently set to be a PC exclusive and will arrive this November.

If you want to find out more here’s a link to the official site and announcement trailer  
Aside from X-Com, Bethesda finally began their official unveiling of the inevitable Fallout 4 with the launch of the Fallout loading screen and countdown timer on the company’s official blog. On Wednesday at 2pm GMT the site finally unveiled the long awaited game with a trailer comprised of in-engine footage showing off the game’s new setting, Boston which you can see for yourself by following this link The news confirmed the rumoured leak at the end of 2013 that correctly predicted the setting a year and a half before this official announcement.

Finally, according to VG247, Dark Souls 3, the latest instalment of Namco Bandai's and From Software’s action RPG series is set to be unveiled at E3 this year. Perhaps more significantly to fans of the series however, is the news that series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki is once again leading the game’s development team. Dark Souls 2 had been led by Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura while Miyazaki himself worked primarily on Bloodborne. As of yet however this is all still speculation with Namco Bandai declining to comment as of yet.
Well that’s our mid-week news round-up come to a close, and with that wrapped up I’m off to jump into a stasis pod and sleep until November and X-Com arrives, see you then!

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