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Geometry Wars: The Return / 13th of August 2014

Way back in September of 2013, Phil Spencer teased the entire Xbox community by announcing on Twitter that he had been in talks about bringing back the beloved Geometry Wars series after seeing it fall upon hard times following on from Activision’s procurement of both it, and its creator, Bizarre Creations. But that teasing was not just for kicks, as today, Tuesday 12th of August, it was finally announced that everyone’s favourite twin-stick shooter was coming back...

Very little is known about this new release apart from the fact that the creator of the original Geometry Wars (originally a bonus game in Project Gotham Racing 2) Stephen Cakebread, would not play any part in the development of this new iteration, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. It is being created by Liverpool based, Lucid Games, a team founded by former members of Bizarre Creations and it is due out at some point later this year. With Bizarre having been shut down in 2011, the IP was left in no man’s land, though many fans took to social media to urge Microsoft-and particularly, Spencer-to look into the possibility of either working with Activision on a new entry into the series, or to purchase the rights back. No platforms have been announced for the title, but given the series’ association with the Xbox brand, and Phil Spencer’s teasing last year, I think that it’s safe to say that Geometry Wars 3 will be heading to Xbox One.

This version of the game is set to abandon Geometry Wars’ traditional 2D approach in favour of a fully 3D gaming experience, quite how radical a departure this will turn out to be will remain unknown until we finally see the game up and running. Oh, and the very last shred of information that is currently known about it, it is that it is set to be published by Sierra. Expect more information to emerge over the coming days and weeks ahead, and be you can be sure that this is one game that all of us here at High Rez Gaming will be keeping a very close eye on.

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